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#To the point - the slightly different pricing blog

For several years I have been supporting small to medium-sized companies in operational and strategic price management as well as in the efficient control of pricing measures. In over 8 years of operational pricing in various functions, one is not only confronted with positive circumstances in the pricing environment. Also in my now consulting and supporting activities, "light" and "shadow" in the company are often closer together than you think.

Pricing is an exciting topic and at the same time a valuable and efficient tool for increasing profitability, which is nevertheless often painfully neglected. It is an area that is evolving, that is surrounded by incredible heterogeneity and that therefore more than deserves to be looked at from different angles. I would like to take advantage of this momentum, inform you about interesting and current topics, examine trends and introduce you to the diversity of pricing. Which methods are promising, which technologies are valuable and what you should pay attention to when you finally want to take off in pricing, you can find out right here.

This and much more I would like to discuss for you and with you. In doing so, I am always looking out for inspiring opinions, new perspectives and ideas.

Marzena Schämaschko-Meyer