Pricing is a Journey.
We’re planning your pricing route.
Pricing is the key.
The most successful leverage for you success.
Price Point.
Getting to the heart of pricing.
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Pricing Consulting for small to medium-sized companies.

Getting to the heart of pricing.

If you thrive for longterm competitiveness in your market.

Turning Point - Price Point

Pricing is a journey. There is no other area of corporate development with so much to discover. Always new coordinates such as changing market requirements, increasing saturation tendencies, rising price pressure and increased price transparency make efficient price optimisation an ongoing and exciting journey. A journey that should be taken by everyone who wants to maintain a great position in their market not only today, but also in the long run. However, a poor database, lack of know-how and wrong organizational rooting are only some of the many obstacles that often prevent the successful implementation of a price strategy.

Reliable and pragmatic.

I help you plan your personal pricing route.

I support you in designing strategic pricing approaches as well as in defining and establishing pricing processes and controlling instruments that ensure monetary success. With reliable and pragmatic approaches that help your business get to where you plan to go and that fit you both in terms of content and operation. This is the only way to establish strategies and pricing approaches in a sustainable way. Sounds interesting? I would be happy to take over the travel management for your business and plan your very personal pricing route.

What can I score with you?

Your Turning Point - Price Point

Theoretical competence and
practical experience.

Sustainable operation
through knowledge transfer.

Open and honest
with a sense for the big picture.

Goal- and

You too can get your Price-Point rolling. 

Strategic and operational

Great strategies need wings to fly.

But they also need a landing gear to land.

Every journey starts with a plan, and so does your pricing strategy. Promotion, product design and distribution can be well thought out and correctly implemented, but if the price is the wrong one it has a direct impact on your success. To prevent this, I ensure the "perfect fit" between the development of a strategic price management and the operative implementation in a proven process. This involves a transparent presentation of the current state of your company, a comprehensible communication of the approaches, a realistic assessment of the necessary measures and the associated costs, as well as the involvement of the right stakeholders in your company. They say that good ideas not only need wings, but also a landing gear to land. That's why you are in the best hands with me when it comes to price management that doesn't need an emergency landing even when implemented.

Price Point - Pricing strategies

"Pricing is more than just a price and not just an expensive pastime."

Marzena Schämaschko-Meyer

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